What Friendship House Has Done for Me

Let me start by saying I started my recovery journey in 2015. I came from New Jersey to the Salvation Army in Delaware. I had a chance to go through Friendship House in 2016 but chose a job in Virginia instead. I relapsed and came back to Delaware. I went through the Salvation Army again and then moved to Sojourners Place where again I relapsed. I went to Salvation Army for the third time and it was the charm.

I came to the Friendship House in May of 2021 and I wish I had done it back in 2016, but my counselor Paul wisely informed me that obviously I was not ready for it then. While here I have resolved issues with people I have hurt and have had a chance to sit and work on myself and life. For the first time I have money saved up so I can move forward and get my own place to live. I am very grateful for the time Friendship House has given me. I am proud to be the smile on the front of the Friendship House pamphlet and it lets me see there is a better way of living with the help & support of the people who work for Friendship House. Simply put, this program was a God send for me and an eye opener that I can be a functional member of society.

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