What FH Means to Roxane, Charisse, and the Twilleys


Roxane, our Director of Operations, has worked for Friendship House for 25 years. Roxane shares what FH means to her. “Friendship House is a community welcoming to all. It is a safe place for folks to go and be treated with love and respect. I walked through these doors over 25 years ago, homeless and houseless, scared and alone and this safe place saved my life as it has for so many others. We continue to treat folks with the same grace, compassion, and acceptance that was given to me. Friendship House is a place I call home.”


Charisse has been on our Board of Directors since 2022. She shares what FH means to her. “Prior to joining the board of directors, I spent a lot of time researching various non-profits and was immediately drawn to Friendship House (FH). I had a desire to volunteer and help in a meaningful way but also wanted to make sure the organization I chose was true and genuine, with respect to their overall purpose and mission. Fast forward 1 year later and I can honestly say Friendship House is the real deal. I almost forgot it’s been 1 year, because I was made to feel right at home. It’s amazing what can be accomplished when a collective community, such as Friendship House focuses on how best to serve others!

“I’m proud to be a part of FH, for several reasons: (1) They put its clients’ needs first, (2) I love they offer assistance to combat homelessness, but they don’t stop there; the Case Managers work with the clients to help uncover the root cause contributing to homelessness and (3) Each and every person I’ve gotten to know over this past year is compassionate, caring, selfless and committed to combating homelessness.

“It’s so refreshing to know what attracted me to this organization 1 year ago, remains true today. The board members, staff and volunteers are committed to ensuring everyone finds their way home. I’m honored to serve on the Friendship House board of directors and looking forward to helping more clients find their way home, I believe I did!”


The Twilleys have been longtime supporters of Friendship House. They share what FH means to them. “We are proud supporters of Friendship House. We have witnessed how the organization makes a real and tangible difference by assisting people who are facing the challenges of homelessness and poverty. The dedicated team at Friendship House works tirelessly to provide not only shelter and food but also crucial support to those in need. Knowing our support contributes to this transformative work right in our own backyard is immensely gratifying. It’s more than just financial support; it’s about being part of a collective effort to create positive change. We’ve seen firsthand the impact of Friendship House’s programs, and their passionate leadership is a testament to their dedication. We’re honored to be associated with an organization that embodies the spirit of compassion, empowerment, and community that we hold dear.”

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