Welcome Home

Home, according to the Webster dictionary, is defined as one’s place of residence. Friendship House defines home as a loving and supportive community there for you in your time of need.

For us, home is where you feel safe, loved and accepted. Not everyone is fortunate to say they have truly felt “home.” Uniting people facing homelessness to a community where they can feel loved and supported – a place they can call home – is our mission.

At every Friendship House location we desire to meet each person on their journey without expecting anything more from them then their story. And for many, that’s a big ask. Because their story is one of heartache, pain, loneliness and lack of home. It is in these moments the best thing we can do for each person is to love them when they are feeling the most unloved. To share with them we believe in who they are today and who they can be in the future, because it is then they are feeling the most hopeless. To let them know, no matter what, they matter, too.

Friendship House is in the business of uniting individuals facing homelessness to communities who can accept, love and support them. Communities where we can look each other in the eyes and see a child loved by God staring back. We are about walking with people for as long as it takes for them to love and believe in themselves. That’s Friendship House – where community is home. Welcome home.

– Kim Epppehimer (Executive Director)

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