The Hardest Thing To Do

Over the past months, I have witnessed the toll addiction has taken on me and especially my family. And I realized continuing down that path would lead to health issues, strained relationships, and missed opportunities.

There is a saying that the hardest thing to do in life is say goodbye. Especially something that has made you feel good or made times easier for you. But eventually, you will realize it will take everything away from you, like your job, friends, and family. Is that something you really want? Think about it.

That is just something I was not willing to do any longer. In my addiction, there were a lot of ups and downs. I didn’t have any control of my life. I was tired of being tired and wanted to make a major change. Since being in Friendship House’s Men’s Transitional Program I have really gotten my life back on track. I am almost a year sober, have a stable job, just started driving again, and was able to purchase a vehicle. I’m doing things in my life I thought were impossible for me to do. I understand addiction is a complex and challenging struggle but being in this program really helps you conquer your addiction. I have realized there is so much more to life than your addiction. There are numerous resources available to help the recovery journey in this program. Friendship House helps you with getting an ID, make appointments, helps you find suitable treatment options, and provides any assistance you need along the way. If there is anybody in need of help, Friendship House can give you the confidence to overcome the challenges of your addiction and build a brighter future.

– Charles

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