Sunday Breakfast | March 22, 2020

Every Sunday morning for over 30 years, Friendship House has been a place anyone could come to in the early morning hours for coffee, a hot breakfast, and community at our Sunday Breakfast. Regardless of weather or holiday, we came together.

Sunday, when everything else in the City of Wilmington was closed to some of the most vulnerable in our midst, we still found a way to be open. For a single short hour, for coffee and a cold breakfast to go, we experienced a modified Sunday Breakfast. Among the long line of people waiting their turn to come in, with staff and volunteers lovingly serving, we found community. We were the only place open for a single hour in the heart of Wilmington, in the foyer of our dear friend The Episcopal Church of Saints Andrew and Matthew. On this busy hour, we found church with 80 guests and friends. In the midst of everything, our clients were the loving supportive community for us.

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