Story From Our Resident – Chuck D.

Approximately 10 months ago, I came into the Friendship House Men’s Housing Program. I felt blessed when they told me I was accepted into the program because, frankly, I had no where else safe to go. Had I not been accepted in the program, I could not say with certainty I would still be in recovery or even alive.

You are around people who become like family, so you have a network before you are even introduced to the AA or NA meetings. They show you how to balance and save your money to prepare you for when you complete the program.

There is such a bond you grow into with your counselors; they help guide you and help you. They are spiritual guides that can bounce ideas back and forth. The actual housing is just one small part of a bigger program. In all aspects of your life, you have people who can/will help you as long as you put in the action required. I never felt unwelcome or out of place, which is a big deal for me. I feel like this is the first home I’ve had in a long time–not because of the building but because of the positive vibrations the staff projects.

I still have a lifetime to live, thanks to the help of Friendship House and I believe I will have a lifetime of friends/family because of this program.

In December, we had a Christmas Party; some of us don’t have family. The staff and volunteers made sure we came together; we had dinner and shared good times, laughing with each other. The gifts they gave were very cool. Material things are not what I focus on as much in these days, but it was very nice and it made me feel loved to receive them. It made me cry tears of joy because I haven’t felt love like this in a long time.

Tonight, I know I will sleep with a roof over my head, warm in bed, in clean clothes, clean body, happy with a group of people who have my best interest at heart, who I can talk to anytime. Thank you, God.

– Chuck D.

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