Shirley’s Reflections

I started working at Friendship House on February 13, 2000. At that time, Epiphany House was located at Fourth and Rodney Street (1411 W. 4th Street) and we were renting. A lot has changed since then.

Unlike now, most of the residents at that time were women who were homeless because of economic reasons or domestic violence; only a few came from drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs.

In 2000, Marcy Perkins was the Director of Women’s Ministry, which included the Women’s Day Center, the Clothing Bank of Delaware and 3 women’s transitional housing properties.  Now, the Clothing Bank has its own ministry director. The Men’s and Women’s Day Centers have been combined into the Wilmington Empowerment Center, and we have added Empowerment Centers in Newark, Middletown and Mill Creek.

My how things have changed.

Currently, we have six (6) women’s houses. In 2000, we had three, renting one. Now we own all of them. In 2000, we owned two (2) men’s houses out of three (3). Today we have six (6) houses for men, including the first Friendship House site outside the city of Wilmington (Corner House).

As I look back over the time I have been at Friendship House, I see the hand of God at work in the Housing Program and in the lives of the women who passed through the program. Starting in 2004, events leading up to the addition of each house have been a marvel to me.

My years with Friendship House have been a bitter/sweet experience. Bitter/sweet because of the women I have encountered there: women who continue to live clean and sober lives; women who continue to struggle with addiction; those who have died being addicted; and those who have died from the damage which addiction had done to their bodies.

I also think of the times we have had to ask women to leave the Housing program for one reason or another. Some have gone on to improve their lives while others have not. There are always interesting circumstances surrounding the issue of asking a woman to vacate the Program. Some circumstances are heart wrenching and some are very surprising–almost funny–but these times are always memorable. You just do not forget them.

Lasting memories are often created at the dinner table. The women will let their hair down (so to speak), be themselves, and share some of the interesting moments in their lives. Then there are the private moments when we get serious about what is ahead for them. As I interact with the women, lo and behold, I am learning things about myself also.

The Housing Program is constantly changing to meet the needs of the individuals who enter into partnership with the Program. If an element is no longer working, it is deleted or adjusted to accomplish what the program anticipates. Even though changes may be made to the Program, each participant must put in the necessary work to see the change in themselves and in their lives as they make progress toward getting their own lives back on track.

This is the Partnership that the Housing Program has with each individual that enters. We owe it to each resident to do our best so that they can get the best from the Program.

– Shirley Prichett

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