In Loving Memory of Ronnie Krier

Ronnie Krier
January 17, 1953 – November 3, 2019
The best tribute that can be given to Ronnie comes in the voices of those he has helped: “He kept it real. He told it like it is. He really cared.”
Ronnie was born in the Philadelphia area and moved to Delaware 16 years ago. He got sober with the help of Limen House, then got a part-time job with Friendship House. He worked at Gaudenzia Fresh Start for several years, then returned to work in the Friendship House Men’s Transitional Housing Program.
Ronnie was “old school” as they say in the recovery community. Some people were offended by his direct honesty; others loved it. He could be loud and irritating, but he had a tender heart. In his latter years, he was blessed by the birth of his son, Semaj, who was the light of his life. As he was fighting cancer, Ronnie was blessed to reconcile with his siblings and
his two older sons. These meetings gave him joy and peace.
Our lives have been changed by knowing Ronnie and, now, by losing him. As he would say, “Thanks, Buddy. Love ya.”
A Memorial Service will be held on December 4, 2019, 6:30 pm, at The Episcopal Church of Sts. Andrew and Matthew (719 N. Shipley Street).  All are Welcome.

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