New Housing Program

This year, FH will launch an additional housing program specifically for women who work at the Clothing Bank Creating Excellent Outcomes (CEO) Training Program and are exiting incarceration. Our Transitional Housing staff have been working hard to build this new housing program to support women like Diamond.

The program will provide housing, comprehensive case management, access to wraparound services, and a supportive, nurturing, and empowering environment. Receiving behavioral health services, attending intensive outpatient treatment programs, and fulfilling court-ordered obligations like Probation and Parole will be supported and emphasized. The program will be a precursor to our Women’s Transitional Housing Program. When the women are ready and if it’s a good fit, they can progress to our existing program to continue their pathway to self-sufficiency. FH plans to purchase an additional house specifically for this new program.

The women will remain employed at the Clothing Bank – a loving, supportive space providing flexibility with work schedules. Eventually, through our CEO Training Program, we will help them find meaningful, long-term employment. With this new housing program, we know we can provide a place Diamond and others like her can truly call home.

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