Marc Marcus Announces His Retirement

“It’s a ‘make something happen’ kind of day!” Friendship House employees’ often say, and Marc has taken this saying to heart. “I think every day at FH is an opportunity for our staff and our guests/clients to make something happen. That’s what we’re there for,” says Marc Marcus, our Assistant Executive Director. After changing lives and bettering the community for 30 years through his service at FH, it is with mixed emotions we announce Marc has decided to retire.

Marc initially served FH as a volunteer before entering onto our board for several years and was even elected as the Vice President after exhibiting tremendous commitment to our mission. When his term on the board ended Marc was offered a position on staff and soon after was named the Assistant Executive Director, a position he continues in today. Marc was, and continues to be, instrumental in FH’s operation, growth and fulfillment of our mission.

Part of Marc’s legacy is the expansion of our Code Purple program to the community. This program has always been a centerpiece to FH’s mission and Marc’s heart. “When it’s super cold out and you’re providing someone a place to stay who has nowhere else to go, it’s really moving to be involved with the impact,” Marc said. On Code Purple nights Marc would often drive around to assist those who were outside with nowhere to go and bring them to one of our Code Purple locations. He was always willing to help folks in need.

He touched the lives of more than just the folks we work with, but our staff and supporters as well. We are so grateful to have had Marc’s support for FH all these years. He is one of the most calm, compassionate, loving, caring, and thoughtful people we have had the pleasure of knowing. In reference to our mission, Marc said, “I just really love the FH philosophy, and how we treat the people we work with.”

While Marc has meant so much to us, FH has in turn touched Marc’s heart. “FH means a place where folks can come when they feel they have no other choices. We meet people where they are. We are not limited by parameters, we can stretch the limit and fill the gaps,” he said. “Being part of an organization that is a place for people to come when they feel they have nowhere to turn is extremely rewarding. I am so grateful and honored God gave me this option through FH.”

Marc has impacted FH in so many ways and will be missed as he enjoys his time in retirement. His superpower is his ability to see the incredible beauty of every person. Whether you are staff, client, or volunteer – Marc sees what you are capable of and doesn’t let you forget how amazing you are.

From all of us here at Friendship House, we wish him the very best and congratulate him on his retirement. Marc, we hope you never forget how amazing YOU are. Thank you for all you have done for FH!

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