Furry Family Members Remain With Their Loved Ones

The support the Hope Center has received has assisted hundreds of individuals and families, and this includes several pets like Scruffy (see Jim and Scruffy’s story on the front page). Friendship House has partnered with Faithful Friends to ensure all guests with an animal companion receive the care they need. Sarah Granda, Marketing and Public Relations Manager for Faithful Friends, shared, “By providing basic and urgent veterinary care, pet food, and care packages that include treats, blankets, sweaters, and toys, we are keeping pets out of local animal shelters and with the families they love.”

“Since the Center’s opening in December, we’ve provided ongoing care for 30 pets including cats, dogs, guinea pigs, hamsters, and reptiles” – Sarah Granda

For some individuals and families, these pets are their service or companion animal. “We understand that pets provide emotional support to their owners and enrich the lives of those around them,” Sarah added.

Nancy Correll, Faithful Friends Volunteer

“In spite of everything they have been through, [the animals] are certainly loved and in good shape,” said Nancy Correll (pictured right), a Faithful Friends volunteer. Nancy shared with us the joys of what she does, recalling an individual who had been living in his car with his two dogs. Nancy, along with our staff walked with them on their journey. They are now in permanent housing and Nancy recalled, “the dogs maintained their well-being the whole time [they] were here.”

“We feel strongly that accessible services are vital for an equitable community and we enjoy working alongside the Friendship House team to support pets and people in our community” – Sarah Granda

Thanks to you, our loving supportive community, we have been able to provide families, individuals, and their animal companions with the attention and resources that they deserve.

“We all work together with one common goal” -Nancy Correll

And because of your loving support, we are one step closer to that goal.

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