FH Staff Updates!

Shawn Helmick became the Director of Women’s Housing this fall. Shawn has been with FH for 10 years and is such a blessing to our Women’s Transitional Housing Program! She is hard at work holding interviews and doing weekly one-on-ones with residents.

Robin Cross moved to Middletown and is now the Manager of our MOT Empowerment Center. Robin has been holding down the fort in Middletown since it reopened in August after closing in response to COVID-19. We are grateful for the work she is doing to serve our MOT community in the midst of this global pandemic!

Cheryl Bryant became the Manager of our Clothing Bank at the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak. Cheryl has been critical in reopening the Clothing Bank, allowing clothing donations that follow CDC guidelines, and welcoming women back for our Job Training Program. We thank her for all the hard work she’s done these past 6 months!

Tim Keeler is now the Manager of our Wilmington Empowerment Center! Tim has been serving coffee in Wilmington throughout COVID-19, maintaining grab & go Sunday Breakfast, and has been critical in implementing procedures to see clients at WEC. He is dedicated to our Wilmington community and we’re thankful for his hard work!

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