Additional Board Resources

Additional Resources:

Board Source

DANA (Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement)

DAVA (Delaware Association of Volunteer Administrators)

A Century of Money – TED Radio Hour (Podcast)

Founders Syndrome Symptoms, Podcast Part One

Founders Syndrome Symptoms, Podcast Part Two

US Interagency on Homelessness

The Money Paradox – TED Radio Hour (Podcast)

What Motivates Donors to Give Blog Post

Asking For Donations (Joan Garry)

U.S. Trust Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy (PDF)

Delaware Overdose Hits Record In August 2018

Most Americans Can’t Afford A Minor Emergency

What Is The Gig Economy?

What US Cities Are Doing to Combat Homelessness

When Gig Economy Workers Become Employees

What Financial Risks Do Retirees Face In Late Life?

Johann Hari: Does Stigmatizing Addiction Perpetuate It?

Suggested Books:

Evicted: Matthew Desmond

$2.00 a Day: Kathryn Edin

Thank You For Being Late: Thomas Friedman

Start With Why: Simon Sinek

The New Parish: Sparks, Soerens, Friesen

Gifts of the Dark Wood: Eric Elnes