About Friendship House

Our Vision: Everyone has a place to call home.

Our Mission Statement:
Uniting people facing homelessness with loving, supportive communities they can call home.

About Us: We meet individuals and families wherever they are in their journey. Our compassionate staff help them experience the hope, empowerment and self-sufficiency they deserve. People facing displacement who lack a supportive community often find themselves experiencing homelessness. Friendship House fills this need for these individuals and families during their transition and integration into a new community and home.

What makes us different?
FH is unique because we focus on serving where gaps exist. This means that our staff, volunteers, and clients all see us differently. For the gentleman who just found himself living on the streets for the first time as temperatures fall quickly overnight, we are his sanctuary. For the woman with kids walking away from an abusive partner, we are a safe haven. For the parents with four kids and not enough money from their work to pay rent, we are their last hope. For organizations all over the county, we are a partner, friend, and collaborator.

FH works with anyone at any point on their journey. We don’t have hefty income or location requirements. We don’t have quotas we have to meet. We do not have contracts limiting or requiring our way of offering help. What we do have is our hearts, and we open them to anyone who enters one of our many locations. We also do not limit the length of time we will walk with individuals – we walk with them as long as it takes and as long as they want us there.

Values: We strive for every person to be treated with mutual:

    • Love
    • Respect
    • Compassion
    • Grace
    • Acceptance

Beliefs: We believe every person deserves to have:

    • Hope
    • Safety
    • Unending support
    • Hospitality
    • Empowerment
    • Education
    • Advocacy
    • A healthy lifestyle