Andrew’s Place

Andrew’s Place was founded in the winter of 1989 at the initiative of the vestry of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church to provide emergency winter sanctuary to homeless, elderly men. What began as a dozen army cots in the church basement evolved over the years into a full service emergency shelter that offers its guests both hospitality and empowerment.

Since its opening, Andrew’s Place has served nearly 1,200 residents.  For some, Andrew’s Place has been a loving sanctuary where they could die with dignity. For others, Andrew’s Place is an emergency winter haven that enables them to survive another year on the streets of Wilmington. For an increasing number, however, the shelter’s supportive communal atmosphere and empowerment services has served as the catalyst needed for them to re-establish themselves in independent housing.

With this in mind, Friendship House has decided to convert Andrew’s Place from a seasonal emergency shelter for elderly men to an entry-level empowerment shelter for motivated homeless men of all ages starting in November, 2015.

The program and mission of Andrew’s Place is to empower the men to achieve independent living. To do this, we will provide case management and on site programming for each resident. We will have a clear pathway for graduating residents to move into our transitional housing or other independent, supportive living like an Oxford House, YMCA or HUD Housing.

In addition, we are dedicating two transitional houses just for elderly Andrew’s Place residents who will be able to use this Stage II transition phase to qualify for independent senior citizen housing.

We are still dependent on volunteers to cook dinner for our men every night. For many years we have had several dedicated groups bring dinner from October – June. With the added months, we will be looking for more volunteers! If you are interested please send a message to our Volunteer Coordinator. Click here for more details on Andrew’s Place dinners.