Transitional Housing

About the Program:
Delaware homelessness, transitional housing

Our Transitional Housing Program is designed for people who are recovering from substance abuse, domestic violence, or incarceration and need additional time to learn how to manage their lives with the goal of obtaining self-sufficient housing. We continue to fill the existing gap by combining subsidized housing with the holistic programming approach. Over  2,000 men and women have participated in the program. 

All of our houses are located in Wilmington, DE. The women’s houses are Epiphany House, Jane Ashford House, Patterson House, Palmer I & II House, and Elizabeth House. The men’s houses are Clark House, Criswell House, Corner House, Daughtry House, and Burton House. As residents move from stage to stage, they will also move to a new house.

Our residents receive up to one year of subsidized housing in a communal living environment. During this residency year, participants engage with Friendship House staff to:

    • Find and maintain employment
    • Learn how to maintain a budget and manage finances
    • Receive credit counseling and work to eliminate outstanding debt
    • Improve relationship-building and decision-making skills
    • Receiving parenting training and, when possible, reunite with their children
    • Address any issues threatening their long-term strategic recovery

Program Commitments required of Residents:

Qualifications: Positive recommendation from a residential recovery program and involvement in a daily program (employment or education)

    • $25 security deposit due to at time of move-in
    • Savings and program payments based on income
    • Food payments: $25/week per adult; $5 additional per week per child
    • A desire to make changes in one’s life
    • A commitment to address personal issues
    • Honesty with self and others
    • The ability to take responsibility for one’s own choices
    • motivation

Volunteer Meal Opportunities:
Every night, volunteers prepare a meal and bring it to our Stage One homes. The volunteers eat with our residents and staff in a casual environment as a way to embrace family and friends of the community.

If you are interested in preparing a meal, please call our office to sign up (302) 652-8133 or fill out the Volunteer Application.

Transitional House Office:
722 N. Union St.
Wilmington, DE 19805
Phone: (302) 428-0151