Virtual Highmark Walk 2020 Q&A

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Highmark Walk has been moved to a virtual walk.

What’s a virtual walk?

virtual walk is a real walk, but it’s on your terms! Anytime on June 12th or 13th, you choose how and when you walk: treadmill, park/ trail, or around the neighborhood. It’s your choice! You also pick the time of when you start and stop! Walk or run for as long as you please, there is no set mileage. Hopefully it’s further than from your couch to the refrigerator!

How do I register?

Last year, Friendship House had 400 walkers among 20 teams and we’d love to do it again! Sign up today and $10 will be donated to your team by an anonymous donor. There’s no minimum amount required to register but a donation is greatly appreciated! For further registration instructions, click here.

Register Here

What team do I sign up for?

That’s up to you! You can pick your favorite Friendship House program (i.e. Clothing Bank, Team Housing, Empowerment Centers, or Code Purple). If you belong to a faith community, they may have created a team already. For a full list of Friendship House Walk Teams, click here. Type the team name into the ‘search teams’ bar at the link above and then click ‘join team’. If you’re interested in creating your own Friendship House team or have any questions please contact

What do I do on walk day?

Make sure you’re registered for a Friendship House team! On June 12th or 13th, take a walk or run on your own (or with a dog, friend, or both). Take a picture or video of you in your Highmark t-shirt walking and either share it to social media and tag Friendship House, send it to your team leader, or send it to Our social media links are below.

How will Friendship House use the proceeds from this walk?

The proceeds from this walk will go toward Friendship House’s mission of uniting people facing homelessness with loving, supportive communities they can call home. At this time, more than ever, there is a large vulnerable population in New Castle County in need of a community, a place to call home. Whether they are facing addiction, living on the street, or struggling to make ends meet, Friendship House is here to be their community. Last year, we raised $60,000. Can we do it again? We can’t do it without the love and support of walkers and donors. Thank you for walking with us!

Will I still get a t-shirt?

Yes! If you individually raise $15 towards your team you’ll receive a Highmark Walk t-shirt. Remember, $10 will be donated towards your team if you sign up today; you’re now $5 away from a t-shirt!

Are there still team incentives?

Yes! If a Friendship House team has 20 walkers and raises $2,000 collectively by walk day, $1,000 will be donated by an anonymous donor towards your team, and $10 will be donated per walker up until walk day. All proceeds from a Friendship House team will go directly to Friendship House!

We can’t wait to virtually walk with our loving, supportive community! Be sure to check out our social media pages for Walking Wednesday posts and live stream events leading up to the walk. Happy walking!