Creating Excellent Outcomes (CEO) Training Program

Our Clothing Bank’s Creating Excellent Outcomes (CEO) Training Program provides a wage-paying opportunity, a life skills and job training program, and a loving, supportive community for women committed to making a positive change in their lives. We employ women from our Transitional Housing Program or the Hazel D. Plant Women’s Treatment Facility Work Release Program. Our program is woman-centered at its core, with a focus on the unique needs, concerns, and lived experiences of the participants. Women can stay in our program for as long as they need; the average is about 4-5 months. The goal of the program is for the women to find meaningful, long-term employment that will allow them to remain self-sufficient.

The women in our program from the Hazel D. Plant Women’s Treatment Facility often transition from Baylor Women’s Correctional Institute; these facilities are on the same campus and the Work Release is the final stage of their sentence. The Work Release places women in our CEO program and they remain in our program during their release from incarceration. There are mountains of obstacles and barriers that often make the transition after release very challenging.

Please read Diamond’s story for one woman’s experience after incarceration and our New Housing Program highlight to learn more about our plan to further help women like Diamond.

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