Continuing to Fill Gaps

For 35 years, Friendship House has filled gaps in New Castle County for those experiencing houselessness, homelessness, or searching for a way home. We continue to adapt and ensure the needs of the community are being met by stepping in where others won’t. FH has proven to be nimble and flexible when the community needs us most, the biggest example being our robust response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Even in the midst of a pandemic, crises continued. Friendship House did what we do best: we responded.

Storms from Hurricane Ida flooded Wilmington causing damage to many buildings, the devastation of anpicture of an apartment building affected by the flood entire apartment complex, and hundreds of folks to be displaced. As our community reached out wanting to help, we filled the gap by becoming a bridge connecting resources to those most impacted. Through a community liaison, we learned of 20 displaced families searching for a way home.

Because of you, we delivered diapers, hygiene items, school clothing,
and even a car seat to numerous families. We connected families to the Hope Center, assisted in housing applications, and helped folks recover their belongings from the devastation to safety. We stepped up to fill this gap in our community and it was possible because of your support! Thank you to the many faith communities and individuals who reached out looking to help. We’re so grateful for your support. A special thank you to Christ Church Christiana Hundred for their donations to this cause!

As Jewish Family Services began to take additional refugee families in the wake of the devastation happening in Afghanistan in September, they reached out to their community for support. At the time, we had a vacant house in our Transitional Housing Program. We are thrilled JFS is using this as a temporary resting place for a refugee family of 5 until they secure permanent housing. As affordable housing remains scarce, this was a key opportunity in allowing the family to have stability upon arrival. We are so pleased to be able to assist this family and fill a gap where we’re able. 

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