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Good Luck Mary Anne!

We’re sad to announce Mary Anne Matarese’s retirement from Friendship House! During her 6 years with us, she has been such an asset to our Women’s Transitional Housing Program. Mary Anne is deeply loved by residents, volunteers and staff! We are thankful for all she’s done for FH. We will miss Mary Anne dearly and wish her well!

Restaurants Open in Wilmington for Takeout and Delivery

Bring a meal to Andrew’s Place or Epiphany House? Consider ordering takeout for delivery from one of the following. Bring a meal and support a local restaurant at the same time!

Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop $ (302) 571-8929

Yatz’s Subs & Steaks $ (302) 658-6659 Closed Sun

Rocco Italian Grill & Sports Bar $$ (302) 384-6052

Kid Shalleen’s $$ (302) 658-4600 Closed Mon

Grotto Pizza $$ (302) 777-3278 

3 Stars Pizza $ (302) 994-1717

Hong Kong Chinese Food $ (302) 656-1018

Mrs Robino’s restaurant $$ (302) 652-9223

Iron Hill Wilmington $$ (302) 472-2739

Catherine Rooney’s Irish Pub & Restaurant $$ (302) 654-9700

WiLDWiCH $ (302) 654-0500 Closed Sun

The Chicken Spot $ (302) 358-2381 Closed Sat & Sun

El Toro Take Out $ (302) 777-4417 Closed Mon

Southeast Kitchen $ (302) 691-7728

Chelsea Tavern $$ (302) 482-3333

Ristorante Attilio $$ (302) 428-0909 Closed Mon

Gallucio’s Restaurant $ (302) 655-3689

Gianni’s Pizza $ (302) 654-5331

Bangkok House Thai Restaurant $$ (302) 654-8555 Closed Mon

Boston Market $ (302) 652-0765

Cosmos Restaurant $ (302) 994-0920

Ubon Thai kitchen and bar $$ (302) 656-1706 Closed Sun & Mon

Island Fin Poke $$ (302) 654-8793

Cafe Verdi $$ (302) 656-5411

Walt’s flavor crisp chicken $ (302) 658-1803

El Mana Restaurant $ (302) 482-3239 Closed Sun & Mon

Just To Serve You DE $$ (302) 888-1100 Closed Mon

Grapes Real Jamaican Cuisine $ (302) 654-6000 Closed Sun


With all Delaware restaurants only serving take-out until further notice, many small businesses have a hard road ahead of them. Delaware State Chamber posted the #GiftCardChallenge to support local business during the coronavirus (See post). If you’re interested in supporting a local restaurant and which to donate a gift card to a local non-profit, please consider Friendship House. As many of you know, we have wonderful volunteers who bring dinner to both our women’s and men’s Transitional Houses each night. This meal means our residents can focus on their recovery without having to worry about preparing a meal at the end of the day. This meal also means residents are able to sit and eat in community together. Friendship House has begun to take precautions when it comes to these dinners and instilled backup plans to ensure these meals continue without putting volunteers, staff, and residents at risk. A gift card donation to a local restaurant would keep our volunteers at home, reducing their risk of exposure and support a local business.

Gift cards can be emailed to or mailed to PO Box 1517 Wilmington, DE 19899.

For more information about our Transitional Housing program, click here.

A Resident’s Story: Dmitri

On the evening of December 24, 2018, I pulled up to the front yard of my parents’ house in a red Dodge pickup with a transmission barely shifting into first gear and a tank running on its last drop of gas.  Homeless, jobless, and dead broke, I was hours away from feeling the nightmarish withdrawal produced by years of abusing my body and soul with drugs and alcohol.

I’ve made this embarrassing walk before, to their front door, usually asking for food, clothes, a place to stay, or instant forgiveness.  This time was different. As she opened the door cautiously, my mom realized I had finally reached a moment of true and unreserved surrender.  Then she heard what any mother would want to hear from a child struggling with addiction: “The truck is out of gas, can you take me to a treatment center?”  It was my way of asking for help. She responded, “No, I’m in the middle of cooking Christmas dinner! But I’m sure your father will be happy to take you.”

I packed a small camouflage bag of clothes, then my dad drove me to a Detox Center.  After seven days in Detox, I turned myself over to the care of an intensive drug and alcohol treatment facility in Smyrna, DE.  I would spend the next two months there, healing physically and mentally.

When I was nearing completion, the counselor in treatment strongly suggested I continue my recovery at Friendship House.  I had a few options but I trusted his guidance, and after the interview process I knew this was the place that gave me the best chance to transition successfully back into society.

From day one, I knew there was something special about this place, about the people that worked here, and the volunteers that visited every day and showed me what true humility was.

As soon as a job opportunity came, I had a pair of those famous Bill Perkins steel toe boots to start working!  I was hired by a general contractor to assist in the remodeling of a family counseling center in downtown Wilmington.  Friendship House provided me with the tools to properly budget my finances. I started being more mindful of my spending so I would have more to put away for savings at the end of each week.

Everybody’s recovery has its peaks and valleys.  When doubt crept in of whether or not to continue my recovery in this program, I was blessed to receive honest advice.  Sometimes what others decide to do may seem appealing from an outside perspective, but you have to stick to what’s best for your recovery in the long run.  When I sustained a very serious knee injury in the summer of 2019, Friendship House provided me with everything I needed to achieve a successful recovery.

Most importantly, over time, my faith began to grow and life stopped becoming a drag.  It opened the doors to exciting experiences and new opportunities. My attitude started to become more positive.  I started to build authentic relationships with people inside and outside of the program. Eventually, I began to mend those relationships I broke in the past.  

I would have never thought in a million years I would be given the opportunity to share my experience to help others achieve sobriety and find a new way of life.  

A year ago I didn’t even think my family would open their door to see me on Christmas Eve.  This year I was invited! I was given the opportunity to say a prayer before dinner! The gratitude I have today for Friendship House is immeasurable.

– Dmitri

A Graduate’s Story: Mary Jo

Hello, my name is Mary Jo. I am proud to say that I am a Graduate of the Friendship House Transitional Housing program. I came there in July 2018. I have struggled with the disease of addiction half of my life. I’m 45 years old and at 12 I had my first drink and by 16 I was an alcoholic. In the early part of my addiction, I attempted to make a life for myself by getting an education, buying a house, a car, and having children. By 32 I lost everything 3 times over. For the next 12 years I spiraled completely down the rabbit hole, also becoming addicted to heroin and crack. In the end I was left with nothing but myself being lonely, spiritually broken and homeless. I attempted once again detox and rehab at which time I was accepted into Friendship House. I am beyond grateful for this program and the 3 women I worked closely with Marcy, Mary Anne and Shawn. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! I know that without you all, this program, and God, I’d still be lost, if not gone! You all helped me to fight and rebuild my foundation to become the person I’m supposed to be; the functioning member of society that I am today. I love you all, thank you.

Mary Jo

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