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2022 Highmark Walk

We’re so excited to announce we had yet another successful Highmark Walk this year! Because of your loving support, FH raised over $75,000 through this fundraiser.

We joined for the first time in 3 years for the in-person Highmark 5k Walk for a Healthy Community on the Riverfront in Wilmington. Walkers gathered at Tubman Garret park Saturday, June 11, 2022, despite the chance of rain to support our mission of uniting people facing homelessness with loving, supportive communities they can call home. Thank you Highmark for putting on an incredible event!

We are so proud to announce FH was the top fundraiser for the 3rd year in a row of all 250 non-profit organizations that participate in the Highmark Walk across 7 cities.

FH had over 500 registered walkers with about half showing up for the in-person walk. We posed for pictures, greeted each other with warm smiles, and walked together! YouDee (University of Delaware’s mascot) and Rocky Bluewinkle (Wilmington Blue Rock’s mascot) were there for photo opportunities. Virtual walkers sent in pictures who lived out of state or were traveling for the weekend.

Thank you to the 22 local faith communities who formed an FH walk team or made a financial contribution. Thank you to our corporate sponsors. Our silver and gold sponsors are featured on the back of this newsletter.

Thank you to everyone who walked or made a financial contribution to the 2022 Highmark Walk! Again, we couldn’t do this without you! Because of you, someone who’s feeling lost, alone, and scared will wake up tomorrow feeling hope they can find a way home. You have become the loving supportive community people experiencing homelessness and houselessness in Delaware need. Thank you!

Click here to upload your photos to our 2022 Highmark Walk Photo Album!

Highmark Walk 2021

Because of you, we raised over $73,000 for the Highmark Walk!
Thank you so much for walking, fundraising, and donating to the 2021 Virtual Highmark Walk for a Healthy Community. Because of your dedication, this year’s walk was a huge success! We had 29 walk teams, registered over 500 walkers, and raised over $73,000. On June 5th, you came together in virtual community to support our life-changing, life-saving programs. We are so grateful for the turnout we had and we hope you felt part of our virtual walk family. You walked in 16 different states! You walked in parks, on beaches, in neighborhoods, while mowing the lawn, to the mailbox and back, or with other FH supporters.

Your walk for #AWayHome helps us fill the gaps in New Castle County. $73,000 can keep our Clothing Bank running for 6 months. This includes supporting our Job Training Program and School
Uniform Initiative. $73,000 can provide financial assistance to nearly 300 households. Our Financial Assistance program helps Delawareans keep their electricity running. $73,000 can support our residents in our Transitional Housing program for 6 weeks. Our housing program supports up to 35 individuals at a given time. You make our programs possible!


Highmark Walk 2020

Thank you for walking for #AWayHome!

Congratulations on a tremendous achievement for this years Highmark Walk! Because of you, our loving, supportive community, we hit every goal we set out for ourselves this year and we cannot thank you enough. It was so incredible to see over 500 people come together virtually and walk for #AWayHome as one community!

This year we raised over $76,500 with 535 walkers and 23 walk teams!

$76,500 could provided 16 women life and job training skills as they transition out of prison through our Clothing Bank Job Training Program. $76,500 could give 8 residents loving support as they recover post substance abuse by offering a year of subsidized housing through our Transitional Housing Program. $76,500 could support 300 New Castle County residents with critical financial aid to prevent them from experiencing homelessness.

We make a difference because of what YOU have accomplished and we thank you!

Friendship House believes every person deserves to have a place they can call home and we’re able to accomplish this for over 10,000 people in New Castle County Delaware because of what you do for us. You, our loving, supportive community, walking with us, every step of the way, as we walk with those who are feeling isolated, alone, and without hope.

Thank you for being there for us and our community.

Tom’s Walk

I had thought I might do my Highmark Walk as part of my usual morning routine run-walk. It would be easy to do, but not very meaningful. I did go out for a few miles that beautiful Saturday. But I thought it would be more meaningful to walk with the homeless instead of for the homeless. I knew at lunch and dinner I would be preparing and serving meals for those Friendship House housed at the Red Roof Inn in Newark. I thought it would be a neat photo-op of walking around the mammoth parking lot with some of my homeless friends who I know very well. God had other plans.

Issac (name was changed for this story) made his way to pick up lunch along with 39 others. He did not look good that day. He often does not. Isaac has a substance abuse disorder with alcohol, and as a result has severe liver and heart issues. He has medication but chooses not to take it as he believes his end is near. I’ve spent a lot of time with him trying to bring him hope.

Isaac did not smell of alcohol and his speech was not slurred, but he still struggled to walk across the parking lot. Another person grabbed him and held him up. I ran over and grabbed his other arm. Isaac says, “will you walk with me?” Isn’t that what the Highmark Walk is all about? We slowly made our way into the building and down the long hallway. I told Isaac and our other friend about the Highmark Walk and they thanked me. I think this says volumes about Friendship House, “Will you walk with me?”

We got Isaac to his room to lie down and discussed calling 911. But he did not want to go to the hospital. My other friends at the Red Roof Inn reported he was somewhat better at dinner but still weak. Our friend took dinner to Isaac’s room. Pray for Isaac that he will accept the help from those who reach out to him. And pray he will again find hope in life.

Thank you Friendship House for all you have done to care for the most vulnerable. Your efforts, especially during the pandemic, saved lives. You have given hope.

– Tom Parkins (FH volunteer)