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COVID-19 Update | April 10, 2020

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Friendship House has remained open to offer emergency assistance to our community. We are amazed how the numbers of those in need continue to increase. We are so grateful for the support of our community and we are especially grateful for your desire to help us serve. Even if you are not physically with us, you are helping by following the Governor’s orders by staying home and keeping physical distance when out. You are helping by keeping us and those we serve in your prayers.

We do have occasional needs for specific items. We are being careful on how and when we accept these for the safety of our staff and guests. Therefore, please only send in donations in response to our staff’s direct request. We will give a detailed list of current needs with drop off explanations to people who have offered their help.

One of the most important things you can do is offer monetary donations. Friendship House is committed to the well being of our staff and the needs of our community. We have not decreased the pay for any full time employee. In addition, we are getting requests daily for financial assistance and emergency shelter requests due to COVID-19. A record number of Delawareans have already submitted for unemployment. Many of those are on the brink of homelessness. Although the state is doing everything it can to avoid a financial crisis, it is inevitable that it will not be enough. This is where Friendship House’s ability to fill gaps is critical. We are needed by our neighbors. You can help. Please consider a donation to help us help those most in need.

Thank you for all you do for us!

Sunday Breakfast | March 22, 2020

Every Sunday morning for over 30 years, Friendship House has been a place anyone could come to in the early morning hours for coffee, a hot breakfast, and community at our Sunday Breakfast. Regardless of weather or holiday, we came together.

Sunday, when everything else in the City of Wilmington was closed to some of the most vulnerable in our midst, we still found a way to be open. For a single short hour, for coffee and a cold breakfast to go, we experienced a modified Sunday Breakfast. Among the long line of people waiting their turn to come in, with staff and volunteers lovingly serving, we found community. We were the only place open for a single hour in the heart of Wilmington, in the foyer of our dear friend The Episcopal Church of Saints Andrew and Matthew. On this busy hour, we found church with 80 guests and friends. In the midst of everything, our clients were the loving supportive community for us.

Restaurants Open in Wilmington for Takeout and Delivery

Bring a meal to Andrew’s Place or Epiphany House? Consider ordering takeout for delivery from one of the following. Bring a meal and support a local restaurant at the same time!

Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop $ (302) 571-8929

Yatz’s Subs & Steaks $ (302) 658-6659 Closed Sun

Rocco Italian Grill & Sports Bar $$ (302) 384-6052

Kid Shalleen’s $$ (302) 658-4600 Closed Mon

Grotto Pizza $$ (302) 777-3278 

3 Stars Pizza $ (302) 994-1717

Hong Kong Chinese Food $ (302) 656-1018

Mrs Robino’s restaurant $$ (302) 652-9223

Iron Hill Wilmington $$ (302) 472-2739

Catherine Rooney’s Irish Pub & Restaurant $$ (302) 654-9700

WiLDWiCH $ (302) 654-0500 Closed Sun

The Chicken Spot $ (302) 358-2381 Closed Sat & Sun

El Toro Take Out $ (302) 777-4417 Closed Mon

Southeast Kitchen $ (302) 691-7728

Chelsea Tavern $$ (302) 482-3333

Ristorante Attilio $$ (302) 428-0909 Closed Mon

Gallucio’s Restaurant $ (302) 655-3689

Gianni’s Pizza $ (302) 654-5331

Bangkok House Thai Restaurant $$ (302) 654-8555 Closed Mon

Boston Market $ (302) 652-0765

Cosmos Restaurant $ (302) 994-0920

Ubon Thai kitchen and bar $$ (302) 656-1706 Closed Sun & Mon

Island Fin Poke $$ (302) 654-8793

Cafe Verdi $$ (302) 656-5411

Walt’s flavor crisp chicken $ (302) 658-1803

El Mana Restaurant $ (302) 482-3239 Closed Sun & Mon

Just To Serve You DE $$ (302) 888-1100 Closed Mon

Grapes Real Jamaican Cuisine $ (302) 654-6000 Closed Sun

COVID-19 Update | March 23, 2020

To our loving, supportive community:

I know many of you have kept us in your thoughts and prayers and are keeping posted on what’s happening by following us on social media. Thank you for your support.

As the Governor made an important decision to ask the state of Delaware to stop going to any nonessential location, Friendship House has had to wrestle with very difficult decisions. There are little to no options left for those who are experiencing homelessness. Almost every physical door has been closed to them. And, what pains me more, there are no known contingency plans for this group of deeply vulnerable people. They are invisible to so many.

Our staff are deeply dedicated to the Friendship House mission and unanimously have all agreed to do whatever is asked. There are not enough kind words for me to say about my colleagues. That said, we have made the following difficult decisions, keeping the safety of staff, volunteers, and our guests as our priority:

We are asking no one come onsite to any location unless approved by Friendship House staff. We are still accepting dinner donations from those already signed up for meals at Epiphany House and Andrew’s Place. We will come to meet you when you arrive and take the items in your behalf. Please know, we do not want you to prepare or bring us a meal if it requires an additional challenge for you. Please contact Kristen Reisor at for questions and concerns.

Our Clothing Bank is closed until it is safe to reopen. Please do not bring any donations or place any orders at this time.

We will keep very minimal hours at our Wilmington and Newark Empowerment centers, while we close our MOT (Middletown) center temporarily. There are no services we are able to provide except coffee, food when possible, and to be a community touchpoint. We hope to open in Wilmington again Sunday morning for coffee and breakfast to go.

Our administrative office is closed and our staff will work from home, checking email and phones message remotely for every location. Please know it could take more than 24 hours to return a message – your patience is deeply appreciated.

It is truly humbling to experience something being experienced worldwide. I wish knowing we were not in this alone made me feel better. However, knowing millions of people are significantly struggling makes my heart ache more. Please continue to keep our state, nation, and world in your prayers.

I am monitoring my email regularly. Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns:

Your friend,

Kim Eppehimer
Executive Director

Donate Now


With all Delaware restaurants only serving take-out until further notice, many small businesses have a hard road ahead of them. Delaware State Chamber posted the #GiftCardChallenge to support local business during the coronavirus (See post). If you’re interested in supporting a local restaurant and which to donate a gift card to a local non-profit, please consider Friendship House. As many of you know, we have wonderful volunteers who bring dinner to both our women’s and men’s Transitional Houses each night. This meal means our residents can focus on their recovery without having to worry about preparing a meal at the end of the day. This meal also means residents are able to sit and eat in community together. Friendship House has begun to take precautions when it comes to these dinners and instilled backup plans to ensure these meals continue without putting volunteers, staff, and residents at risk. A gift card donation to a local restaurant would keep our volunteers at home, reducing their risk of exposure and support a local business.

Gift cards can be emailed to or mailed to PO Box 1517 Wilmington, DE 19899.

For more information about our Transitional Housing program, click here.